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About images displayed

The images displayed with our names are not professional logos.  They are used simply to highlight the name.  You can have them if you want them, but they are simple .png images.

How to purchase

To purchase a listed domain, click on the buy now link or photo.  You will be taken to where it is currently listed to complete the purchase.  

NOTE: My names listed on Squadhelp are sometimes on sale on their site. The prices listed here are the original list prices.  


Newest Additions


It pops, it has pizzazz and it needs to be your brand name!

Buy it now for $1977 on Squadhelp


afemu.com domain for sale

Afemu A beautiful, feminine name for a fashion brand or women oriented site.

Buy now for $758 on Squadhelp


Aivnu.com Domain for sale

Aivnu is a name that could be used for AI technology or as a product or fashion brand.  

Buy now for $758 on Squadhelp


Bedvi.com domain for sale

Choose Bedvi if you are in the mattress or bed business. 

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Eggvy.com Domain for Sale

Eggvy is a fun name for use with a variety of different types of businesses such as financial related or even crafts.

Buy now for $758 on Squadhelp


Fibys.com Domain for Sale

Fibys is a premium 5 letter name created for the financial field or or business related to wi-fi.

Buy now for $758 on Squadhelp


Nuzig.com Domain for Sale

Nuzig is a name for a business that takes people or companies in a new direction or is a new direction itself.  This name can also be used for a product.

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Vowby.com Domain for Sale

Vowby is all about taking those vows.  Whether you are a wedding business or you officiate weddings, this name works!

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Whether your company takes people on voyages or you coach people on their life's voyage, Voyaw can get you there.

Buy now for $758 on Squadhelp


Yepka.com Domain for Sale

Yepka is A fun name for a positive anything.  

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Powa2 the people!  This name could be used for motivational coaches or even the clean energy sector.  

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Wedvy.com Domain for Sale

Wedvy is all about weddings for sure!  (With a touch of envy).  

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Zoady.com domain for sale

Sure it's totally made up.  That's what makes Zoady a fun name for a kid's product, an app, or well, use your imagination!

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Bedvo is a fun, short name for a bedding related product or business. 

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Yupky.com for sale on Squadhelp

Yupky is a really fun, affirmative name that would be great for an app, social site and more.

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp


Nuzag.com for sale on Squadhelp

Nuzag is a powerful name for a company that sets off in a new direction. 

Buy now for $999 on Squadhelp

Our 5 letter domains on other Marketplaces


We have hundreds of listings on Squadhelp, which is a premier place to buy brandable names.  These are our 5 letter names on their premium marketplace.  Click on the names to be brought to the sale page.