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About images displayed

Many of our names on Squadhelp come with logos but some do not.  Squadhelp logos are created by and are the property of Squadhelp until you purchase the name.  In some cases we have images displayed below and a note that no logo is included.  However, if you want the displayed image you can have it, but those are simple .png images.  

How to purchase

To purchase a listed domain, click on the buy now link or photo.  You will be taken to where it is currently listed to complete the purchase.  

NOTE: My names listed on Squadhelp are sometimes on sale on their site. The prices listed here are the original list prices.  


Featured Names This Month


Buvly.com for sale on Squadhelp
Technology, Event planning, Consulting, Mobile App, Marketing, Above

Buvly is a super short, fun name that hints at "above".  It would be great for marketing, event planning, consulting, technology, and app and whatever you dream it could be. 

Buy it now for $1,599 on Squadhelp


Wedvy.com for sale on Squadhelp
Wedding, bridal, brides

A super short, punchy name for a wedding related business! (Meaning: Wedding envy or enviable wedding!) This name is great for a wedding planner, caterer, wedding dress business, a wedding website. 

Buy it now for $1,699 on Squadhelp


Yupky.com for sale on Squadhelp.  
App, Mobile, technology, yes, yup

 A fun, short and affirmative name for an app, social media site, ratings site. 

Buy it now for $1,399 on Squadhelp

More 5 letter names


Kafmo.com for sale on Squadhelp
Coffee, App, Tech

Kafmo is a fun, super short name that can connote caffeine, coffee but is name that is not based in a particular meaning. It's great for an app, tech and more, too.

Buy it now for $1,777 on Squadhelp

No logo included



Dexka.com for sale on Squadhelp
Fitness, Tech, App

Dexka is a super short name that can connote index or dexterity. It's great for an app, a fitness related product, a technology and more. 

Buy it now for $1,777 on Squadhelp

No logo included


Fezda.com for sale on Squadhelp.  
Cyber, Tech, Consulting

Fezda is a fun, short name. The word fez is a type of hat but this name does not really have a direct meaning. It could be used for an app, a technology or a consultant in the cyber field. 

Buy it now for $1,777 on Squadhelp

No logo included

V o k a d [com]



More coming soon!



Zallv.com for sale on Squadhelp.  
Solve Tech App

Zallv is a variation on the word solve, making it perfect for a tech product, IoT, AI and more.  

Buy it now for $999 on Squadhelp

No logo included

All of our 5 letter domains



We have hundreds of listings on Squadhelp, which is a premier place to buy brandable names.  These are our 5 letter names on their premium marketplace.  Click on the names to be brought to the sale page.